The large industrial fan directly driven by the permanent magnet synchronous motor is directly driven by the motor, eliminating the need for reducer links, no gears and high-speed bearings, thus eliminating the need for oil replacement and reducing the replacement and maintenance of gear bearings. It is really maintenance-free, which greatly improves the service life of industrial fans and brings users a more reliable experience.

The large industrial fan directly driven by permanent magnet synchronous motor uses rare earth metals as the outer rotor. As long as the temperature rise of the motor is effectively controlled (the temperature of the traditional model can be used), the service life can be infinite, which can save industrial fans. A lot of secondary purchase costs.

Except for the full enclosure structure on the side of the motor, the upper and lower parts are all hollow structures. The upper part uses a fan’s forged aluminum alloy chassis and the motor upper cover to effectively combine, and the lower part uses a streamlined shroud designed based on the principles of fluid mechanics, so that the motor coil windings and other internal structures are effectively enclosed, and the motor can be operated. The generated heat is taken to the outside to be released to a large extent, and it can effectively protect the sundries from entering the motor to cause safety faults.